Ár dTeanga Dhúchais i mBoston

An Irish social group committed to preserving and celebrating our native language in Boston.




Thomas J. Clarke

  • Sean Mac Diarmada
  • James Connolly
  • P. H. Pearse
  • Thomas Mac Donagh
  • Éamonn Ceannt
  • Joseph Plunkett

Nuair a sheas muid cródha druim le balla
Agus piléir marbhach ag teacht in ar dtreo
Ba é an smaoine deireanach in mo chroí-se an t-am sin
Go mbeadh gáirdín mo speir-mhná glas i gconaí


Táim buioch do Jackie McDonagh agus Cáisc aiobhinn díbh go léir,
Peigí Ní Chlochertaigh

Preserving the Irish language in Boston

Ár dTeanga Dhúchais means ‘our native language’ and we are committed to the teaching and the preservation of the Irish language in the Boston area. In addition to regular language classes we also frequently host cultural events such as lectures on Irish culture and tradition, concerts, dances, poetry recitals, béaloideas (folklore), and sean-nós singing. Formed in the fall of 2012, we are independent, nonsectarian, and not affiliated with any other organization.

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Our Teachers

Peggy Cloherty

Peggy Cloherty was born in Lough Conneera in the heart of the Connemara Gaeltacht in Galway. She received her basic education in the National and Vocational schools before attending Saint Ann’s College in Clifden. She received her nursing degree after coming to Boston. She worked as a nurse for renowned cardiologist Dr. Paul Zoll, the inventor of the pacemaker and defibrillator. After his death in 1999, Peggy was asked to write of her relationship with this great doctor and his work, and gladly did so.

Brian Frykenberg

Brian Frykenberg learned Irish in Boston, in Lochán Beag Co. Galway, and at Harvard, where he earned his Celtic doctorate specializing in early Irish language, culture, and history. He is fond of the tale of “Mad Sweeney,” a character whose story is enjoyed widely beyond the shelves of academe thanks to modern Irish writers.




Ár dTeanga Dhúchais i mBoston

PO BOX 1433 Brookline, MA 02446